Bert gilbert is creating her own mythology with each work forming its particular part of the sacred and secular whole.

Her process is one of re-discovering a universal 'Sacred Heritage’,  the foundation of primordial cosmologies (Mircea Eliade: Rites and Symbols of Initiation ) witnessed  within myth, nature rituals, folkloric storytelling and music.

Her work is artefact, installation, wardrobe and performance. Laced with dark humour using a lexicon of hybrid symbology they create a visceral language of expression and simultaneously operate as elements of transferred emotional states. Her focus currently is exploring the dark feminine.

Gilbert’s ritualised and obsessive methods are in turn energetic and meditative. What they make signifies a rite of passage, from one state to another, operating as alchemical relics of this transformation, in all their material sensuality.

One can read this as both redemptive personal journey or a template for a societal shift. A calling for a ritualised rewiring of the collective consciousness in a high capitalist society obsessed with appearances alone.  

“Personal and societal transformation are channelled directly through the body of the artist in the ritualistic works of Bert Gilbert.

Gilbert’s interdisciplinary works include performance, costume, photography, fetishistic objects and 2D works. Not afraid to broach sexuality and obsession Bert has gained a reputation for pushing the audience to confront underlying desires and taboo,

There are allusions to Jungian analytical psychology perhaps most obviously in the works, ‘Shadow of my Former Self’ and ‘Animus’ and to alchemy and symbolism throughout the artists practice,

The attitude, frankness and originality of the artist makes her a highly potent force and this is sadly a quality which is often lacking in an increasingly po-faced art world.

Her performances can be seen as essential interventions, calling for malleability in a congealing culture. “

Michael Eden: Trebutchet Magazine